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About Us


Welcome to Annahada International University, located in the vibrant city of Maradi, Niger Republic. Our university is a global hub of learning, attracting a diverse and dynamic student body, including students from Nigeria. At Annahada International University, we pride ourselves on offering a rich educational experience across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines.

Our Maradi Campus hosts five distinguished faculties, each dedicated to fostering excellence in education and research:

  1. Faculty of Humanities:
  2. Department of Islamic Studies
  3. Department of Hausa Language
  4. Department of Arabic Language
  5. Faculty of Education:
    1. Department of Educational Psychology
    2. Department of Education
    3. Department Sociology
  6. Faculty of Sciences:
  7. Department of computer science
  8. Department of information Technology
  9. Department of Biology
  10. Department of Biochemistry
  11. Department of Mathematics
  12. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:
  13. Department of Business Administration
  14. Department of Public Administration
  15. Department of Political Science
  16. Department of Accounting
  17. Department of Economics
  18. Department of Islamic Banking and Finance
  19. Faculty of Law:
  20. Department of Shari’ah and civil law

Within each faculty, our departments are finely tuned to cater to the unique needs of their respective fields. Departmental heads, appointed to lead each department, oversee academic affairs with dedication and expertise.

At the helm of Annahada International University is Professor AbdulNasir Malam Haroun, our esteemed Vice-Chancellor. As the academic leader and administrator, Professor Haroun ensures the university’s commitment to excellence in education and provides strategic guidance for its continued growth.

His deputy is Dr. Musa Garba Dahir who act on his behalf as deputy vice chancellor.

Our commitment extends beyond borders. Annahada International University is dedicated to offering a diverse and comprehensive education, creating a stimulating academic environment that transcends cultural boundaries. We take pride in our global student community, recognizing the richness that diversity brings to the learning experience.

As a university, we stand at the forefront of innovation, research, and academic excellence. Our mission is to empower our students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a global perspective, preparing them to make meaningful contributions to society.

Join us at Annahada International University, where education knows no boundaries, and the pursuit of knowledge is a global endeavor. Experience the excellence that defines us and shapes the future of our students.


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